The world’s religions are based in Peace, call for Peace, promote Peace.  Diverse religious believers know—each in their own way—that Peace is the true “name” of their religion.  It follows that believers of the world’s diverse religions increasingly agree that interpretations of their religions that go against Peace fall short; they are contradictory.

Religions for Peace (RfP) is guided by a vision of the world’s religious communities collaborating for Peace.   To help realize this vision, RfP advances shared concrete action for Peace among the world’s diverse religious communities.

Multi-religious action—as this website makes clear—is effective and efficient.  Working together, the religious communities are making large contributions to Peace that nurture human dignity and build up the common good, which today must include protecting our shared earth.

Importantly, sincere and committed religious people report that standing shoulder-to-shoulder in caring action is transformative:  fear of “the other” gives way to acceptance and deepening friendship, isolation is overcome with growing trust and solidarity, even painful collective injuries begin to yield to reconciliation.  Many believers also report that they “fall more in love” with their own religion while working with and experiencing the goodness of sincere believers of other religions.

Working for Peace is both liberating and contagious.  Enjoy the shared labors for Peace noted in this website.  Your own commitment to Peace is vital and deeply welcome.

In Peace,

Dr. William Vendley, Secretary General