Advancing a Moral Alliance Among the World’s Religions for an “Integral Ecology”

On 18-19 October 2017, Religions for Peace (RfP) held its annual meeting of senior religious leaders from all continents, joined by RfP International Trustees (Philanthropists), select government representatives, and foundations committed to collaborating for the common good. His Holiness Pope Francis graced the gathering by offering a special audience.

The meeting focused on scaling up RfP’s mission to better address today’s challenges of Peace. Real examples of the practical efficiency of RfP’s multi-religious work were used to help us focus on responding effectively to today’s great challenges, including securing the partnerships and practical means essential for RfP action. The meeting also served as a strategy planning session for the  Xth World Assembly of RfP.


One of the things that I have found most impressive about the work of Religions for Peace is that they’ve been able to sustain this building of trust over the years, and over decades, and we still find ourselves growing as a movement and growing as a community.

Fred Garcia, International Trustee, RfP

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