The RfP-MENA Council is an independent affiliate of RfP that embraces religious leaders from all of the States in the Arab League as well as Turkey and Iran.

As historical developments continue to unfold across the MENA region, religious communities realize the importance of RfP-MENA Council, as an organic structure that is able to organize, rationalize and institutionalize the relationships between religion, emerging religious organizations, and the states.

The RfP-MENA Council continues to serve as a neutral regional multi-religious convener for Syrian religious leaders as they advance multi-religious cooperation to stem sectarian violence, advance reconciliation, and assist the Syrian population on its arduous path through the current violent crisis into a transitional phase and ultimately toward a renewed political order. Observers from the Vatican, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and the United Nations Alliance of Civilization have participated as observers in the RfP MENA Council’s convening of Syrian religious leaders.

The MENA Regional Inter-religious Council (RfP-MENA Council) remains the only regional multi-religious mechanism that is led by the regions religious communities’ religious leaders (understood to include women and youth) to advance citizenship, religious freedom and the protection of minorities. It is intentionally designed to achieve moral consensus on a regional level on these topic to support and augment similar necessary efforts to be undertaken on national levels. It works to respects the centrality of the role of religion in the region, while harnessing its significant assets in the service of public life.

It has developed, as a result of process of series of consultations, MENA specific (Islamic, Christian and Jewish) religious warrants in support of citizenship, Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 and the protection of venerable communities. It has successfully formed RfP– MENA women of faith and religious youth networks, in addition to strategic partnerships with religious communities, regional bodies and civil society organizations to actively participate and support the RfP-MENA Council in all its efforts aimed at religious freedom, diversity, and the integration of religious tolerance and pluralism across the region. Build and equip strong women and youth networks.

RfP is committed to continue in this path to advance positive change, protect religious freedom and advance a positive culture of pluralism across the MENA region.

RfP– Middle East and North Africa Council

Interim Secretariat: 777 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor, New York, NY, USA