Global Interfaith Youth Network

Religions for Peace Global Interfaith Youth Network harnesses the energy and commitment of religious youth leaders around the world to advance its mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. Through these diverse groups of young religious leaders, the Global Interfaith Youth Network mobilizes youth to confront some of our most urgent challenges – building peace, ending poverty, and protecting the earth. We build strategic partnerships with the United Nations, inter-governmental institutions, and civil society organizations; and implement international action campaigns such as the recent Arms Down! Campaign for Shared Security and the upcoming Our Earth, Our Responsibility environmental campaign.

International Youth Committee

The Global Interfaith Youth Network is led by the International Youth Committee (IYC), comprised of fifteen members representing the world’s faith traditions from six continents. As strong faith leaders from various religious backgrounds, these youths are elected to stand as representatives for their respective regions, standing as a voice for global youth within Religions for Peace overall structure. The present IYC was elected at the Religions for Peace IX World Assembly in Vienna, Austria in November of 2013.

Regional Interfaith Youth Networks

In 2006, Religions for Peace launched six Regional Interfaith Youth Networks, in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Within their respective regions, these networks of young faith leaders work to unite the interfaith efforts of organizations and individuals on a national and local level by utilizing their own National Interfaith Youth Networks.

Asia: The Asia & Pacific Interfaith Youth Network (AIYN) was formed in Ambon, Indonesia in 2005 at the Summit of Asian Religious Youth Leaders to renew their commitment towards multi-religious cooperation for peace in Asia. 

Africa: The African Religious Interfaith Youth Network (ARIYN) of the African Council of Religious Leaders—Religions for Peace (ACRL—RfP) was launched in 2006 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania as a platform to connect religious youth from different countries in Africa and to mobilize shared action on some of the most urgent challenges facing Africa.

Europe: The RfP -European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN), established in 2006, serves as a platform aimed at bringing together more than 20 European youth faith-based organizations and countless young individuals from all religions present in Europe.

Latin America & The Caribbean: In 2005, during the regional youth pre-world assembly meeting in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, the Latin America & Caribbean Youth Network (LAIYN) was created with youth participants from Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i and indigenous religious organizations.

North America: Members of the North American Interfaith Youth Network (NAIYN) convened for a retreat in Stony Brook, New York in April 2011 to plan on how to expand and sustain an Interfaith Youth Network in North America, as well as shape and advance the Religions for Peace Arms Down! Campaign in the United States and Canada. NAIYN takes a grassroots approach, advancing the mission of peace in different ways across the continent.

Middle East & North Africa: The MENA region, represented by energetic and knowledgeable young religious leaders, is growing in passion and capacity. The region has been the host of multiple winning Innovative Youth Prize winning proposals and programs in 2016 and 2017, focusing on violent religious extremism, the refugee crisis and protecting the earth.