Become an Individual Member

Developments in media and communication technology now allow people and communities of faith to communicate and take shared action beyond local, national, or regional boundaries. Acknowledging this global reality, Religions for Peace International offers the opportunity to become an individual member.

Individual membership means furthering Religions for Peace International’s global, multi-religious mission while also respecting and deferring to its regional, national, and local affiliates at their levels. Individual members advance multi-religious dialogue and action for peace wherever they can, contribute voluntarily to Religions for Peace International as possible, and share their work through social media networks and Religions for Peace communication tools in accordance with Religions for Peace International guidelines. In turn, Religions for Peace International shares with individual members information on Religions for Peace’s work across the globe and provides them with guides and tools for the development of multi-religious activities and projects.

You can apply to become an individual member through Religions for Peace’s national or regional affiliates and their related networks or through the International Secretariat and its related networks.

Before becoming an individual member, we encourage you to engage with your national Religions for Peace affiliate first.