Disarmament remains an urgent need as dangers of armament and its proliferation continue. Resources that could be spent on development are being poured into research, manufacture and stockpiling of such weapons – conventional, nuclear, and chemical. The disastrous impacts of conflicts are heightened by the increased destructiveness of the arms that are readily available.

In response to the unique threat that weapons pose to humanity and human flourishing, Religions for Peace is working to advance nuclear disarmament and non‐proliferation; promote bans on indiscriminate explosive weapons such as landmines and cluster munitions; and advocate to stem the illicit proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. In addition to advocacy and risk awareness, we are also providing assistance to survivors affected by these weapons.

Nuclear Disarmament

Religions for Peace challenges the moral legitimacy of security strategies that rely on the use or threat of nuclear weapons. With one voice, spoken from our various traditions of faith, we work in unity to raise awareness among the people and advocate to the government that nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass and indiscriminate destruction are immoral and criminal, and that stockpiling such weapons with the intent or threat to use them erodes the very foundation of moral civilization. We recognize the relationship between disarmament and development and therefore have been advocating to free resources from armament to development and the proper investment of our energies in life and the future.

Unexploded Ordnances

Religions for Peace equips religious leaders, believers and people of goodwill to advocate for the prohibition against use, transfer, and stockpiling of cluster bombs and landmines, and provides support to victims of these unexploded ordnances. RfP also continues to raise the priority and profile of the Mine Ban Treaty and Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).

Small Arms & Light Weapons

Religions for Peace provides leadership in the global campaign to stem the illicit proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW) and empowers local civil society organizations through organizational capacity building to address the impact of these SALW. In partnership with its affiliated IRCs and other partners, Religions for Peace raises awareness and assists victims of SALW, particularly women and youth.