Sustainable Development

Religions for Peace’s strategy of equipping religious leaders and communities with the necessary resources and knowledge for development is closely intertwined with its broader commitment to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By addressing critical issues of health and well-being, education, climate action, and distribution of resources in its human development agenda, Religions for Peace is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals in its efforts to reveal the potential inherent in all human communities.

Ethics in Action

Addressing poverty reduction, social inclusion, and caring for the earth form an integral part of Religions for Peace’s commitment to working toward UN Sustainable development goals. Recognizing that this process must be led by a deep moral consensus, Religions for Peace helped develop Ethics in Action, an initiative that regards sustainable development as the product of the actualization of universal ethical principles. Ethics in Action meetings bring together a select group of religious leaders, theologians, academics, business and labor leaders, development practitioners, and activists to identify the ethical dimension of sustainable development and pave the way to concrete action.

Legal Empowerment of the Poor

Often, the most vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society bear the brunt of economic slowdowns, health epidemics, and social upheaval with little means to support or protect themselves. In Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, and Uganda, Religions for Peace has helped advance legal empowerment of the poor, with a focus on women and marginalized populations. These initiatives are aimed at ensuring that those in need have access to basic opportunities and services, can participate in society and work life, are safe from exploitation and violence, and have access to justice and political expression—conditions without which human dignity and well-being cannot flourish.

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