Well-being & Rights of Women

No community can hope to be strong, no country can hope to prosper, no region can hope to advance unless all of its people—women as well as men—are full and equal participants in its development. Fighting gender neglect, gender-based violence, and abuse of women while empowering women to support and protect themselves is an integral part of Religions for Peace’s mission to affirm the fundamental dignity of every woman.

Stopping Early Marriage and FGM/C

The threat that practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) pose to women’s health, dignity, and human rights cannot be understated. Acknowledging that these behaviors are often imbricated in a long-established social context, Religions for Peace has empowered and equipped religious leaders with messages to delegitimize early marriage and FGM/C and bring about lasting behavioral change.

Read Religions for Peace’s training manuals on FGM/Cutting from the Muslim and Christian perspectives

Restoring Dignity

Religions for Peace is advancing Restoring Dignity, a global initiative dedicated to engaging faith-based organizations, religious leaders, communities and individuals of faith in common action to end violence against women and to empower and support the survivors of such violence. Through the Religions for Peace Executive Committee’s adoption of the Restoring Dignity pledge, the dissemination of a Restoring Dignity toolkit, and a worldwide youth campaign to say no to violence against women, Religions for Peace is raising awareness on this critical issue and providing care, support, and counseling to survivors.

Read Religions for Peace’s Restoring Dignity toolkit

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

In recent years, there has been a marked rise in violence against women in the Philippines, compounded by the effects of longstanding civil turmoil on the southern island of Mindanao. RfP-Philippines has led campaigns to empower survivors of violence in Mindanao, and provided a capacity-building program on mental health and psychosocial support for women in Mindanao, with the aim of mitigating the impact of war trauma on them and on their communities. Through these programs, women are aided not only in transcending a traumatic reality but in becoming advocates for peace.