World Council

The World Council is elected at World Assemblies. It is comprised of distinguished religious leaders who are dedicated to building peace. The World Council is a global agent of multi-religious action and entrusted with Religions for Peace governance.

International Trustees

Our esteemed International Trustees assist the World Council and its Executive Committee to advance the mission of Religions for Peace in the following areas: Partnership Development: Provide critical liaison with a wide range of private and public entities to ensure funding support for Religions for Peace; Providing Needed Expertise: Make available special competencies and provide liaison with important publics to raise the global profile of Religions for Peace; and Mobilizing Resources: Contribute resources to support Religions for Peace’s work, and identify and solicit funds from external sources.

Honorary Presidents

The designation of Honorary President may be bestowed upon those meriting the honor by reason of their diligence and leadership in Religions for Peace or in other related fields of endeavor. Honorary Presidents may be requested by the Executive Committee to provide leadership and representation in areas ofReligions for Peace activity.