H.M. Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III

Sultan of Sokoto
Co-President, Religions for Peace

Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar is the Sultan on Sokoto in Nigeria, a position considered to be the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s ummah, which comprises roughly half of the country’s citizens of faith. The youngest son of the previous Sultan, Sultan Sa’ad’s father, Sultan Sa’ad’s first was well educated and began and maintained a successful military career in 1975, however his work therein included peacekeeping endeavors rather than military skirmishes. In 1996, Sa’ad left his role as Nigeria’s military attache to Pakistan and, following the tragic death of his brother, reigning Sultan, was coronated.

Sultan Sa’ad is known in his devotion to Nigeria, its people and the pursuit of peace between conflicting religious and cultural forces. Sultan Sa’ad has been known to condemn the actions of Boko Haram, along with other religious individuals in Nigeria. He sits with fellow Nigerian man of faith and RfP affiliate, Cardinal Onaiyekan, on the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association as Co-Chair. The partnership between Sultan Sa’ad and Cardinal Onaiyekan has extended beyond this organization as well, as Sultan Sa’ad has contributed funds, endorsements and manpower to the promotion of Cardinal Onaiyekan’s projects, including the release of a book regarding the interfaith movement in Africa. As evidenced by Sultan Sa’ad’s associations with peacekeepers, as well as his personal involvement in pluralistic peacekeeping associations, his attitude and support positively benefits both his work and that of Religions for Peace.